Odds & Sods #38: Tale-of-Two-Harry’s Edition

  • Patrick Fitzgerald for … Attorney General?
  • Hillary asks SecDef Gates if he supports Under Secretary Edelman’s smear of her. I think she’s being far too 19th-century-polite. I would have gone all Harry Truman on his — and Edeleman’s — ass.
  • And while we’re at it, let’s define what a smear really is: attacking someone’s reputation instead of their message.
  • Colbert finally gets his free iPhone.
  • Wake me up when September ends. LIke, for example, in November.
  • A couple of weeks ago, dick Cheney declared there were four branches of government. Now, the White House is claiming there are only two.
  • And in a related story, Sen. Leahy points out that charging Harriet Miers with “inherent contempt” of Congress would likely result in a trial in the Senate presided over by — wait for it — dick Cheney.
  • Saturday night at midnight the last Harry Potter book will be released from captivity. Or not. The NYTimes has already gotten a copy — from a legit source, they say — and published a review. Sorry, no link — Miss Julie made me promise. JK Rowling is shocked — and saddened. Noting the tremendous costs associated with sequestering the book copies until the witching hour ($20 million, not counting Fedex shipping costs), Seth Godin has a solution, should a publishing phenomenon like this occur ever again. “Books are great at holding memories,” he says, “They’re lousy at keeping secrets.”